In Loving Memory of

Ruthiemae Knowles

26th January, 1960
9th April, 2021

Beginningof Life

On January 26, 1960, a delightful baby girl was born to Edwin &Valderine Burrows. This beautiful gem, named Ruthiemae, was affectionatelycalled Ruth and was the second of nine siblings born to this union.

Early Life Journey

Ruthiemae commenced her educational journey at the Thatch BerryPrimary school. Her journey then continued at D. W. Davis Junior High School.On May 6 1979 she married the love of her Life William Knowles (pre-deceased) whomshe called “Honey”, they had five beautiful children 2 boys and 3 girls.

The Middle Passage

Ruthiemae  was a very loving andhardworking mother who made sacrifices in life to ensure the wellbeing of herwonderful children. She channeled through Orange Hill Hotel, Little LearnersPreschool as a Teacher, and for the past 20 plus years at Atlantis in theStewarding Department, where she received numerous awards for her outstandingservice. She was an excellent worker and a pillar of strength to herdepartment. While at Atlantis Ruthiemae positively touched the lives of all sheencountered.

In the 1970’s Ruthiemae gave her life to the Lord. A decision that hasproven to be fruitful. She was one that was dedicated and committed to doingthe work of the Lord. She grew up her children in the fear of the Lord andlived a life that they could exemplify. She was a mighty warrior in God’sKingdom. She has been a long-standing member of the Revelation Church of Jesusand was called to the office of a Missionary. In fulfilling her duties given toher by God, she went on many missions throughout the Bahamas and the UnitedStates where she saw lives transformed and souls added to the kingdom of God.She was hungry for the Lord and studied endlessly to learn all she can aboutHim. Ruthiemae was empowered with a Zeal to spread this wonderful word of hopeand fulfillment of God to the world. She was a part of the Prayer Warriors whovisited the sick and the shut-in and spread the good tidings of joy and peacein the God of her salvation. She touched the lives of many. She was a pillar ofstrength to her family and her church members. She was known for her radicalservice to God, her unwavering faith in God and her passionate form of worship.She was a role model and a counsellor. Many looked to her for advice andrighteous council. She maintained her confidence in Christ leaning to thebelief that if God cannot do it, it just cannot be done. Her trust in God wasexceptional. Ruthiemae experienced several challenges in her life but remainedsteadfast to the fact that God can do all things well. She realized that evenduring her battles God was faithful, and would always create a way of escapefor her.

Indeed, Ruthiemae faith never wavered. She believed in the power orprayer and the garment of praise. Simply said by her “Praise Is What I Do.” Shealways wore a smile on her face and was full of life and cheerfulness. She wasone that spoke words of encouragement even during diver's battles. Ruthiemaelived a life dedicated to the work and will of the Lord and has shownconfidence in the God of her salivation. Even though Ruthiemae is absent fromthis world she is present with the Lord. She has left a legacy that herchildren can follow and be proud to say this was my mommy.

End of the Journey

Signs of declining health began to manifest in December 2019, when shewas admitted to the Princess Margret Hospital. Later, she was discharged. OnApril 9th, 2021, she started to experience complications withbreathing and transition from labor to reward. She silently slipped intoeternity.

Children and (in-laws):
Valerie Gray (Stanley Wallace), Feliase Bain (Cordell), Shequetta Lunn(Sean) Nicholas Knowles

Grandsons: MarvinTaylor, MarioMckay, Nelson Gray, Cordell Bain Jr. Nicholas Knowles Jr. Sean Lunn Jr; Granddaughters: Colisa, Correa, Coraland Corlea Bain; Great Granddaughter:Corissa Bain and Kahlani Taylor; Sisters:Marilyn Bullard,  Vanria Burrows, Barbara Farquharson; Sisters-in-law: Qutell Burrows,Meyucah Charles,  Joan Knowles Turnquest, Dorean Lean &Idealla Taylor; Brothers: Edwin Jr andReuben Burrows; Brothers-in-law:Charles Bullard, Prophet Silvan Farquharson, Angelo and Robert Mackey
Uncle: Laurence Burrows; Aunts: Irean Johnson, Reona Darvilleand Melvina Stuart of Grand Bahama, Princess Burrows;
Nephews: Marcus Bullard (Chiquita),Edward & Elgin Glinton, Devon (Arementha), Silvan 2nd, Simeon and SamuelFarquharson Michael White, Kevin Burrows, Creg Mitchell Jr, K’von Cash, AngeloJr., Andre, Leroy, Omar, Tyrone
Nieces: Alicia Toussaint, NathalieBullard, Charlyn Lewis and Candise Bullard, Ellen & Rochelle Glinton,Sabriya Farquharson, Edricka & Cuelissa Burrows, Marrionette Smith, Latoya& Nadia Rolle, Rache', Shantell, Precious Burrows, April & DeandraNewbold, Selena Mitchell, Gwendolyn, Elizabeth and Jennie Knowles, MaxieneArmbrister, Kaniesha, Opichi, Lashan Robins, Samantha, Gaynell, Jonisha,Alexandra, Aricha, Dellie, Melony, Shirlane, Christie

Grandnephews: Marcus Bullard Jr.Hubert Hepburn, David Gray Jr, Asher Farquharson, Aldrich Stubbs, DedrichTaylor, Jabari Roberts, Rachawn Burrows Kevin Jr. and Kevon Burrows, OralWilliams,  Tyrek Mitchell

Grandnieces: Demarchia, DonnishkaBullard, Alexis Woodside, Tmyra Toussaint, Aaliyah Clarke, Kenricka Williams,Alisha Gardiner, Jasmine Glinton, Brianna Brown, Daranique Adderley, K’vaeh andTrenique Lewis, D’varicka Gray, Aliyah Stubbs, Andria Wilkinson Princess &Precious White, Kianna Burrows

Great Grandnephews: Mark Sawyer 3rd,Kevrick Sands, Chernardo Adderley Jr.

Great Grandnieces: Janiyah Deveaux,Ameliya Lee
Other relatives and friends: The Revelation Church of Jesus Family, The MaynardFamily. Atlantis Family and Elizabeth Williams

Service Date
Saturday 24th April, 2021
SouthWest Cathedral Church of God, Carmichael & Shrimp Roads
Service Location
Popular Choice
11:00 a.m.
Service Start
Interment Service
Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive
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