In Loving Memory of

Francena Candaisy Hanna

22nd July, 2021

September 12, 1935 in thequaint Island of Snug Corner, Acklins the late Solomon Ferguson and Remalia neeTaylor welcomed their ninth child into the world. She was christened FrancenaCandace Ferguson.  

Although education wasbasic and limited Francena acquired the knowledge that was available duringthat time.  At the age of fourteen sheleft the Snug Corner All Age School.

Her proud parents raisedher to serve and worship the Lord.  Shealong with her family worshipped at the St. John’s Baptist Church in SnugCorner, Acklins.   She accepted the Lordas her personal Savior as a youngster and thereafter was baptized at St. John’sBaptist Church.  She was taughtdiscipline, good manners and to respect her elders and to reverence God.  Francena grew into a lovely young woman.

Because her parents diedat a young age she was raised by her oldest sister “Titty Couley” along withher nieces and nephews who were more like brothers and sisters.  Francena also lived in Mayaguana and Exumasince these were among the islands where her brother- in-law taught in.  

On March 25, 1959Francena was joined in holy matrimony to her lifelong companion and prayerpartner Cleveland Leroy Hanna (deceased) at the St. Paul’s Baptist Church bythe late Rev. Dr. Arthur S. Colebrooke.

Francena loved theLord.  In 1959 she joined St. Paul’sBaptist Church under the pastorship of Rev. Arthur Samuel Colebrooke.  This began her long and outstanding record ofservice to God and her church.  Duringher many years of service at the St. Paul’s Baptist Church she has served inthe missionary circle, prayer band, and as a soloist.

She along with otherchurch sisters travelled to various islands of the Bahamas on religious missions.  As missionaries they proclaimed the gospelthrough song and the preached word.  Theywere a blessing to many.

Francena loved to singand had a melodious voice.  She was oftenasked to minister through singing at many church services.  Her themed song was “It’s Not an Easy Road.”   Manywere blessed by and through her singing.  

She continued to serveunder the leadership of Rev. Robert Colebrook. She participated in many church cookouts, fairs and other fund raisingevents.  She was known for baking herfamous and delicious potato bread this she sold along with many other pastriesand desserts at church events.    

She was recognizedthroughout the years by the St. Paul’s Baptist Church and the Bahamas BaptistConvention for faithful service.  Sheloved the Lord, the church and her church family.

During the later years ofher life she joined Rev. Dr. Marina Sands and the Judea Baptist Church familywhom she loved.  

Although she was short instatue she was an outstanding woman. While her husband was the provider she was a homemaker.  She nurtured and cared for her children.  She was our teacher, nurse, chef, andorganizer. She ensured that herchildren attended both morning and evening church services and participated inmeaningful activities. She taught her children to love and serve theLord, to have manners and respect for everyone, to be thankful for what youhad, to always do your best and to work hard for what you wanted. She played a very important role in thegrowth and development of her children. 

Francena was a dutifulwife and mother.  She found joy and lovein her household duties.   Mummy loved tocook, bake, wash, clean and iron.   Shewould wake up at the crack of dawn to wash loads of clothes all of which weredone on a wash board in a tin tub.  Herkitchen with filled with the aroma of mouth-watering dishes such as peas soupand dumpling, potato bread, homemade bread and rolls, corn bread, flour cake,guava and raisin duff, boil fish, stew fish and stew conch.  She ensured that both her home and yard wasalways kept clean.  She ensured that herfamily and household needs were met and taken care of.  

Family was important toFrancena and she loved them dearly.  Sheexemplified what it meant to be a mother. Her children affectionately called her ‘Mummy’, Mammie’, Grams and‘Fran’ because she was that type of mother. She was loving, caring, hardworking, supportive, wise, and a proud and agracious mother.  She was a nurturing, generous,humble, and sincere, one-of-a-kind mother. She raised her children in the fair and admonition of God.

She enjoyed having herfamily and friends at her home.  Sheloved to entertain even friends of her children who visited her home; sheensured that they were welcomed and felt at home. There was always laughter andjoy in her home and visitors often remarked that there was a sweet spirit ather home and that they always enjoyed their visits. She loved to visit hersiblings and friends at their home and they would talk for hours about days onthe island, family and the goodness of God.

In her spare time sheenjoyed plaiting straw to which she made beautiful creations.  She enjoyed sewing lovely embroidery designson bedding and towels.

She was loved andrespected in her neighbourhood and community. Before there were the terms such as Self-Employed and Entrepreneur mummywas that; she owned and operated a petty shop at home.   She was happy to greet and serve herneighbours.  She did this with pride andjoy.  She made and shared lasting andloving friendships with many in her community. She would often share her homemadecuisine with her neighbours.

She loved children andbecause of this she found joy in babysitting. She loved them dearly and treated them as her own. Because of the levelof care and kindness she gave them they saw her and treated her as a secondmother.  

In her lateryears she had eye surgery which in some ways minimized and affected some of herdaily activities. Although she was not always feeling well one could never tellbecause she was always cheerful, jovial and peaceful.  She always had a smile on her face, laughter in her eyes and would greet you with a songand dance.

She remainedfaithful to God in spite of her physical shortcomings. She would always professand proclaim her love for God; her faith by quoting scriptures, praying andsinging. She would often say that whenever God comes or calls she was ready to go home to Jesus. Her well-being was importantto her children.    Her loving daughters Velma and Annabell tookpleasure in taking care of her.

In the early morninghours of Thursday July 22, 2021 with her loved ones by her side mummy quietlyand peacefully passed from time to eternity.

May hersoul rest in peace.

Shewas predeased by her loving husband Cleveland Hanna and granddaughter Serneque.

She issurvived by her Children: Geoffrey,Annabell, Velma, Patrice, Leonard and Maria Hanna;

Grandchildren: Ta’Neisha Hanna, Kaden Coakley, ReaganAustin, Lennique Hanna and Leah Mather;

Great Grandchildren: Aaliyah Hanna, Feron Hield and HarmonySwann;

Great-Great Grandchild: Ava Armbrister;

Sister in law: Emerald Hanna;

Extended family: Bishop Hulan Hanna (Valerie); Hulan HannaJr. and Latoya Albury (Brandon), Nerissa Hanna, Brandon Albury Jr.,  Se’lia and Sanaa Mather, Katori, Keva andSummer Brown, Darian, Korin, Urias, Owen and Ivy Hanna of Ohio, Journey andTori Brown Jr., Paris Moxey and Audra Tynes;  

Numerous Nieces and Nephews: Marjorie Farquharson,  Deacon Ivan and Lionel Ferguson, Una McQuay,Kathleen Ferguson, Eartha Pyfrom, Eric Cox, Ida Lafleur, Charles Ferguson ofMiami, Florida,  David ‘Funky D’Ferguson,  Dotlene Rolle, Thelma Kerr,Sandra McPhee, Michelle Williams,  Ida,Margaret, James and Timothy Cox of Florida, Generine Rodgers, EuleneWilliamson, Elizabeth Andrews, Remalia Knowles, Kenneth and Preston Ferguson,Diana Deveaux, Judith, Gerald Jr. Joel, David, Isaac, Aaron and Peter Ferguson,Pastor Rev. Juanita Ingraham, Evangelist Bettyann Grant, Min. LilliemaeLongley, Min. Lorenzo Symonette, Pastor Rev. Lydia Stewart, Rose Symonette,Glenda and Carliss Ferguson, Evangelist Deloris Francis, Vernetha Wallace,Brendalee Knowles, Glen and Deborah Ferguson and Gwen Charlow, Dr. DeltonFarquharson, Kim Saunders, Minister Elvis Hanna, Bishop James Hanna, MinisterSharon Bowe, Beverley Kerr, Berkley Hanna, Alton, Wayde, Gary, Sergeant 1829Troy, Sergeant Sherlin, Sargent Andy and Adrian Hanna;

Numerous other relatives and friendsincluding: Fulton Bainand family, Maria King and family, The Cooper family, Lela Cunningham andfamily, Esther Ferguson and family, Joyce Hanna and family,  ,Brenville Hanna and family, Mazel Deveaux andfamily, Rev. Dr. Robert Colebrook and Rev. Tonia Colebrook, Judy, Min. Sharonand Dwight Colebrook and family , Deborah Turner and family, Sylvia Gibson andfamily, Bishop Simeon Hall and Min. Linda Hall, Deaconess Neila Johnson andfamily, Jeff Murphy and family, Kenneth Johnson and family, Audley and Judy Tynesand family, Irabella Tynes and family, Helena Ramsey and family, GeralineTaylor and family, The Thurston family, The Rahming family, The Knowles family,Sheila Minns and family, David Fox and family, Julia Nottage and family, PercySands and family, Marinette Bethel, Nadia Mitchell, Virginia Anderson,  Jennifer Anderson, St. Paul’s Baptist Church family, Rev. Dr. Marina Sands and Judea Baptist Church family,Tropic Seafood, The National Insurance Board, Inspectorate/Compliance Dept.,The Old Central Records Dept. crew, Western Hardware, Ministry of Works,Bahamas Center for Gum Diseases, Hanna, Heastie and Tynes family,  “Family for life” and The Rolle Avenuefamily.

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Saturday 14th August, 2021
Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road
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Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road
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